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Membership Association

In 2016, MMEx became an independent membership association, created by museums – for museums. Both Danish and international museums can subscribe to our membership which will support and ensure independent advice in the digital field – while helping to define the strategic aim of MMEx. This is done through a vote at the MMEx General Meeting, where members are elected to the Board.

Current Members

Associated Membership

Archives, Libraries, non-ICOM museums, public and not public knowledge institutions and international museums can sign-up to an Associated Membership and still support MMEx. Associated members have access to MMEx’s counseling on an equal footing with the other members but no voting rights at the General Meeting.

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Museums in the Central Denmark Region joined forces in 2012 to form a joint digital center for digital interpretation in exhibitions. The goal was to have shared access to a group of employees with knowledge and experience in digital museum interpretation. This shared resource furthermore ensures that aquired knowledge stays with the museums instead of disappearing with the temporary curators and developers at the end of projects.

MMEx's Statutes (in Danish)

What’s the Price?

Museums with fewer than 25 permanent employees: 3,000 DKK a year ex.  VAT.
Museums with more than 25 permanent employees: 5,000 DKK a year ex. VAT.

Associated Membership?

For other public knowledge institutions, such as archives, libraries and international museums: same price criteria as for regular members.

For non-public, commercial knowledge institutions: DKK 20,000 per year